The mission of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to protect human health and the environment.

Our mission... Improving Societal Health by protecting humans, animals and the environment from harmful viruses, pathogens and chemical agents. 

What is a "Product Claim?"

A very general definition of a product claim is when a company names a specific product and informs you, the consumer, the product's purpose, and then tells you exactly what it does - or doesn't do.


For obvious reasons, product claims must prove to be true. It is illegal to make incorrect product claims. If an incorrect claim is made and has been proven to be incorrect, not only are products removed immediately from consumer purchase, but companies may face enormous fines and, depending on the claim and the affects, legal actions may very well be involved

EPA Product Claim Rules for Disinfectants

As you are probably aware, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has very strict rules regarding product claims, especially when it comes to chemicals and consumers.


Products that claim to disinfect and kill or otherwise inhibit viruses, bacteria and other germs must be registered with EPA before they can be sold. 


A disinfectant cannot make legal claims of effectiveness against a particular pathogen unless EPA has specifically approved the claim as part of the registration process.


Registration requires that any claim be supported by valid test data and an EPA determination that the product works as intended and is safe to use

ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is an EPA Registered, Antibacterial Spray for Non-Porous Hard Surfaces Including Fruits & Vegetables

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is a Sanitizer for hard, non-porous, food contact area surfaces and, a Disinfectant because it kills 99.999% of Bacteria and 99.9% of Viruses when used as directed.

*ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is an EPA Registered Disinfectant

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is on EPA COVID-19 List N. Click here to learn more about List N.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is a deep cleaning sanitizer and disinfectant.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant cleans and deodorizes pet areas including pet beds and/or cages, kennels and/or litter boxes.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is easy to use.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant cleans tough messes.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant cleans quickly.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is colorless and dye free.


* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant Spray is ready to use on hard, non-porous hard surfaces and even safe on fruits and vegetables. Click here to learn more about protecting yourself from harmful organisms living on YOUR produce.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant Spray deodorizes and eliminates food odors left on kitchen surfaces.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant Spray has a bleach/chlorine free scent.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant Spray has a clean scent.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant leaves your home smelling clean and fresh.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant dries quickly, is dye free and fragrance free.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant has the cleaning power of oxygenated vinegar/contains oxygenated vinegar.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant cleans and deodorizes.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant cleans and removes stains from washable floors.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant has a cleans everyday kitchen messes like dirt, grease and food stains.


* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is a tough kitchen and bathroom cleaner.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is a fast action kitchen and bathroom cleaner.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is great for everyday use.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is kitchen cleaning made easy.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant leaves surfaces clean and shiny.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is made in the USA.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is ready to use - no measuring or mixing required.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant prevents odors.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant prevents dirt and soap scum buildup.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant removes and/or cleans the following: oils, blood, body oils, coffee, dirt, fecal matter, food residues and soils, grease, laboratory stains, mold stains, other spoils and stains, rust, tea and urine.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is tough cleaning and tough on odors, dirt, soap scum and soils.

* ArmiClenz® Disinfectant is versatile and works on a wide range of surfaces.