ArmiClenz™ is "Cleaning Up the Competition"
Jacob Ruud and his BMW is Cleaning Up the Competition with ArmiClenz™

Congratulations to Jacob Ruud and his ArmiClenz™ BMW on his recent TC America/TCX Series race win at the legendary Watkins Glen raceway!


Jacob is leading the 2022 TCX series with 5 wins and 3 race series events remaining. Great Driving Jacob!

ArmiClenz™ and the WIN!!

Jacob uses ArmiClenz™ to clean the windows on his car before each and every race!


Why? If you want streak free windows and mirrors ArmiClenz™ works! 


ArmiClenz™ is designed to clean, sanitize and disinfect ALL hard, non-porous surfaces - glass included!


Click here for a list of hard, non-porous surfaces.

Congratulations to Jacob Ruud and ArmiClenz ™ for the WIN!

The Armis Biopharma Team wishes Jacob a strong finish to the TCX racing season.


Watch Jacob "Clean up the Competition" as the TCX series travels to Road America raceway on August 19-21!

Check out Jacob's Video

Check out Jacob's video and share with anyone who loves racing or just wants to kill bacteria and viruses, have streak free windows and mirrors AND clean and sanitize fruits/vegetables.


Click here here to see why rinsing is NOT enough!